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Simple Bar table and chairs

Bar table and chairs are the set of table and chair for the bar. Bar is a place for people to drink alcohol r cocktails. It has different vibe from pub or club because those places are usually has hyped vibe with loud music that will attract you to dance. Bar is more like classic place where you can enjoy the drink with close friends while talking about many things. They’ll play jazz or other slow tempo music so that you can feel ease when you are in the bar. Bar is actually pretty similar with café of other places. But bar has the bartender table that is popular as the seat for the customers.

The bartender table is the main table in the bar where bartender prepares your drink before serve it for you. There are usually some chairs in front of the table for people who are alone or go with just two friends. That’s the popular spot in the bar where. Bar table and chairs designs for the bartender table are like the kitchen table and chairs. There’ll be long table for the bartender o work and the chairs too. The special design may be for the bar chairs. The chairs for this special table are usually has high height with small chair’s surface. There’ll be no arm pads, back pad, or pillows. It’s completely simple chair made from wood or metal.

But, that’s the thing that attracts people to choose seat in front of the bartender table. Meanwhile, the chairs inside the bar other than bartender table are quite similar with the chairs that we’re talking about before. The different is just the table. The table will be smaller and has modern style just like the chair. The table from bar table and chairs is also using small concept so that the table can be used for two until four people only.

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