outdoor wooden rocking chairs

Old Style of Wooden Rocking Chairs

Wooden rocking chairs are the chairs that usually used by elderly and people who do nursery. It’s actually not so popular if we compare it with the popularity of this chair back in the 90’s. People are keep doing innovation in creating tools or furniture that easier and more effective to do nursery. Well, it’s because this chair mostly used for nursery. That’s why rocking chair is not the first priority now when they want to have thing that will help them to get the baby sleep in their lap. But it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. In fact, there are still so many of them in the stores.

There are two kinds of wooden rocking chairs that you may found in the store: the old style rocking chairs and the modern one. The old style rocking chair is the one that 100% made from solid wood with the old model of rocking chair. The old model rocking chair is usually using really curve woods under the chair and has arm pad that made from wood in each side of the chair. The color of the chair is also using kind of dark color such as black color or dark brown color. Some of them are also using natural wooden color for the chair.

The modern style is the remodel of the old style of rocking chair. The chair is still mostly made from wood. But then they’ll add things such as the pillows for the chair’s surface and the back. The pillows will make the one who sit on the chair feels more comfortable. This kind of rocking chair is also using kind of bright color such as pastel colors for the pillows and sometimes the wood too. Both wooden rocking chairs are great but it’s still worth to treasure the old style, right? It can bring back memories especially for the elderly.

Gallery of Old Style of Wooden Rocking Chairs