circle cushion chair

Modern Circle Chair

Circle chair is the new kind of chair that really popular nowadays. This is the modern chair that suits modern house design and make people comfortable to sit on this chair. Just like its name, the basic design of this chair is the circle shape that used as the chair’s surface model. It’s really circle shaped, not just half or part of the design. But how can it stands? Well, the answer is simple. This chair will flip the vertical circle shaped chair into the horizontal circle shaped chair. And then they’ll add some metals for the chair legs. In order to make it possible to be sat on, they’ll make curve-in in the middle of the chair.

This chair starts to get people’s attention from the start of the chair’s debut in the market. People find that this circle chair is very adorable because of its full circle shape. This chair is also very comfortable to use because the chair’s surface was made from 100% smooth cushion with metal’s frame and legs to support the chair. When you sit on the chair, you’ll feel like you sit on the cozy bed but you’re not in the lie down position, you’re in the sitting position.

Another thing that makes this chair is so popular is the color of the chair. This chair is using kind of bright colors but not too bright. It’ll be great to put this chair in the white themed living room or family room. The colors of this circle chair are such as light blue, navy blue, light grey, light green, white, black, pink, and many more. They usually sell the chair (the cushion) and the legs separately. The price of the cushion itself in the market is usually about US$90.00. It means you need about US$100.00 to get full set of this chair.

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