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Modern Chaise Lounge Chair

Chaise lounge chair is a long low seat with an arm at one side and usually a low back along half of its length, which a person can stretch out their legs on. This kind of chair is very popular as the relaxing chair because you can actually take a nap on this chair.  Some of the people put this chair in the family room and some others put the chair in their bedroom. In some of the home office rooms, you may also find this chair for the employee who wants to take a break from the work.

Chaise lounge chair has somewhat elegant or contemporary vibe. If we are looking for this kind of chair in the store, we usually found the dark color options or neutral color as the color of the chair. It’s also very rare to find the chaise lounge that using combination color. The chairs are usually in one color option with one pillow or no pillow. In that case, we may see the chair as an elegant or contemporary themed chair. But that’s the basic or the old model of the chaise lounge. Nowadays, people are really creative and they keep trying to remodel things including the chaise lounge.

There’s a chaise lounge called Amelia Chaise Lounge that made by Handy Living. They create the modern version of chaise lounge with no arms and the model is like a single bed with in-curve shape at the chair’s surface. The back pad is also in pillow-like model with real small pillow as the addition of the chaise lounge. Instead of elegant vibe, this lounge is more like modern and simple vibes with the light blue-white color that used by this chaise lounge chair. It’s always great to have something new and the fact that it looks much better, right? It suits the modern concept more than the old version.

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